went active in June 4th of 1994 with the philosophy of providing timely, useful information with minimal overhead - due to the dial-up connections prevalent in the US and the Caribbean at the time. Our goal is the same - information made available for the user in the best manner possible.

The site has evolved over the years adding more information and features and will continue to do so for next season! 2004 and 2005 were record years, ones anyone who experienced Rita, Katrina, or Wilma will never forget.

We have some of our own pictures from Hurricane Erin in 1995. Unfortunately we have no additional pictures from David (1979), Andrew (1992), Mitch or many of the others available on-line yet.. :-)

Our database of Tropical Storm and Hurricane related information and products continues to grow, and as always we appreciate the link backs.
Chris Riley's Team

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