Some January, February, March and April tropical storms

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Some January, February, March and April tropical storms

Postby hurricane » Thu May 10, 2007 3:04 pm

Contrary to what some people (e.g. the Weather Channel yesterday stated that 2003's Tropical Storm Ana was the earliest tropical cyclone (e.g. hurricane or tropical storm)) have been saying there have been storms before April in the past.

Although Ana in April 2003 was the only recorded April storm the following facts are important to note:

Some January hurricanes: Hurricane Alice, January 1955, 80 mph winds (peak January 2, 1955). Tropical Storm Zeta December 30, 2005-January 6, 2006. Subtropical Storm One, January 18, 1978 45 mph winds is the only storm formed in January.

Some February tropical storms: Groundhog Day Storm of 1952 February 2, 1952-February 3, 1952, 50 mph

A March hurricane: March 6, 1908 Hurricane, category 2 storm.

Only April tropical storm: Ana 2003

You can see more information here:

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