My brother is at jamaica

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Re: My brother is at jamaica

Postby hurricane » Mon Aug 28, 2006 3:19 pm

ingridje88 wrote:Hello I'm from holland and my brother is on married holiday in jamaica. No I heard that there is a hurricane / tropical storm. So lucky that ernesto didn't hit Jamaica. The last days is followed the hurricane and i knew that hurricane are so interesting. I would like more information of Ernesto or photo's. Maybe somebody has those? And on you americans knows more about Ernesto, notices jamaica there what from? I'm so sorry for my bad english :oops: . But I want to contact somebody hows also interested in Hurricane and other natural disasters?
Greetings Ingrid

My friend is stationed in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and they got a lot of wind and rain. Nothing terrible though from Ernesto.

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