Hurricane Tips

Have you been through a storm? What kind of tips, advice, and tricks can you share to help people prepare for a hurricane?
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Hurricane Tips

Postby Hurricane Olivia » Sat Mar 11, 2006 6:28 pm

1. Leave if possible-When they tell you to leave the area because of a hurricane and you have an automobile leave don't try to stay. Your life isn't worry it.

2. Emergency kit- Alway have one during a disaster. You don't know what will happens.

3. Stay away from windows- Hurricanes' winds are strong enough to break the windows so stay away from them.

4. Flood- If it flood in your house. Get out if possible. Try to find a way to escape before it is too late.

5. Stay in a shelter- When a hurricane hits your area, don't go outside. It's too risky.

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Postby it might hit here » Mon Apr 10, 2006 10:19 pm

This is a good topic.

6. These are directly related to electricity:
-Buy perishable food items such as bread, canned meat, crackers, cookies, chips etc. because if the hurricane hits hard enough you may not have a running fridge for days. Make sure you buy lots of water too. To drink, to bathe etc.
-Flashlights and batteries: you can either buy those dim flashlights for each room in the house or the expenisve one that shines very brightly. I wouldn't suggest candles because it may get really hot in your house and you don't need fire making you sweat. It'll just make you very irritable. The batteries will keep you with working flashlights and you can use them for a radio so you can be updated about the hurricane. Radios are more important than you may think. They can tell you if a tornado touches down and where that's going too.

7. Seriously ya'll, buy some playing cards, a cd player, board games etc. (or if you're a nerd like me read books!) because you may get bored, especially if it's a slow hurricane, and it's a way to pass time.

8. Save your important possessions. After Katrina, ya'll just don't know what can happen. You wouldn't want anything you care for to get lost or destroyed in a flood. I really never been through a hurricane where things would get drastic or devastating so I can't give you direct advice. But I've prepared for one many times. (Even though I didn't expect Rita to hit us bad, I put this entire computer on the desk and covered it with a blanket. I love my computer :wink: )

9. I really wouldn't do anything to my hair if I knew a hurricane was comin....

10. Even though all of my tips are for the home, I'd suggest an evacuation too.

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